The information in this section is intended for the official use of ERSGA employers.

In order to protect the privacy of ERSGA member records, access to this section is limited to reporting officials and other key staff designated for employer reporting.
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Remember, employees can’t receive benefits upon termination without up-to-date and accurate records.

Timely and accurate reporting includes:
  • On time enrollment with pension deduction
  • On time reporting of terminations (including date and reason)
  • Remit and report no later than the 1st of each month
Selecting a New Payroll Vendor? Follow the procedures below:
  • Ensure the vendor has the latest file layout from ERS
    • Salary or Active Member File Layout
    • Rehired Retiree File Layout
    • GASB 67 Compliance File Layout
  • Confirm the vendor can create the file for your employees
  • Schedule a conference call with the new vendor and ERSGA to review file layout, discuss questions, and provide payroll vendor contact information
  • Agree to testing schedule
  • Agree on a production date
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